We offer training on our premises or customer premisses

Our company is very flexible and we can find a way to fit any budget.

We offering following courses on customer premisses

  • Counterbalance Truck (B1 Up to 5000kg)
  • Counterbalance Truck (B2 up to 15000kg)
  • Counterbalance Truck (B3 over 15000kg)
  • Industrial Reach Truck (D1)
  • Side Loader (C1 up to 5000kg)
  • Side Loader (C2 up to 15000kg)
  • Side Loader (C3 over 15000kg)
  • Rough terrain telescopic handler (J2 under 9 metres)
  • Rough terrain telescopic handler (J3 above 9 metres)
  • Wheeled Loading shovel
  • Pedestrian stacker truck (Z3)
  • Pedestrian counterbalance truck (A3)
  • Pedestrian Reach Truck (D2)
  • Pedestrian powered pallet truck (PPT) (A1)
  • Low level order picker (LLOP) (A5)
  • Manual pallet truck
  • Cardboard, Plastic bailer compactor

Optional testing and instructing eastern european operators in there own language if needed

Counterbalance, Reach and Telescopic Handler Courses can be comenced on our site other trucks please email us and we will try to make arangments.

Optional testing and instructing western european operators in there own language if needed

K.R Training - forklift training company specialize in providing the courses for eastern European nationalities. Get the advantage of a polish instructor. Make sure your employes fully understand the health and safety aspects of the training.